This air fryer sandwich has it all, from the hot sriracha mayo to the crispy, delicate chicken between two toasted buns. This flavorful, delicious lighter supper may be the crispiest and juiciest chicken sandwich you’ve ever had.


You enjoy this fried chicken sandwich while you’re here. It is pretty simple to make and tastes far superior to anything you can buy at a drive-through. It is completed quickly and with minimal effort using only a few essential components.


Why This Recipe Is Effective?

• It is wholesome. A fried sandwich isn’t exceptionally nutritious on its own, but this sandwich with air-fried chicken is. In order to keep our lunch lighter and full of healthy options, we marinade the chicken in Greek yogurt and cook it in the air fryer.


• Juicy chicken is present. We are using chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, which are infamous for drying out and producing uneven results. When cooking, chicken thighs are frequently considerably more forgiving and create a much more tender product.


• You can get it ready in advance. This is a terrific meal idea for preparing at night before bed if you plan to eat it at lunch the following day because the chicken will need to marinade for up to 8 hours overnight. Alternatively, you can prepare it in the morning for a more uncomplicated supper menu. It works well for both meals and is frequently a hit.



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• Each person should have one skinless, boneless chicken thigh.

• Two cups of plain yogurt.

• one egg

•White flour, two cups

• One teaspoon of vegetable oil

• one teaspoon powdered garlic

• one teaspoon powdered onion

• One teaspoon of salt (or to taste)

• A teaspoon of Italian herbs

• one teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)


When dressing:

• 1/2 cup mayo

• Sriracha sauce, two tablespoons


serving recommendation

• Bread rolls

•A pickle

• Mayonnaise with Sriracha.




You’ll need the following ingredients for an air-fried chicken sandwich:

• Skinless, weak thighs with no bone

• Natural Greek yogurt

• Egg

• Flour

•Oil of olives

• Ground garlic

• Powdered onion

• Salt

• Italian spices

•Pepper flakes


What you’ll need for the dressing is:

• Mayonnaise

•Sauce Sriracha

Some recommendations for serving

• Bread rolls

•A pickle

• Mayonnaise with Sriracha.

Please refer to the recipe card below for the precise amounts required.


Required Equipment

• A fryer.

• Two medium bowls

• Cooking tongs

• Knife

• Cutting surface

• one tiny bowl


How to Make a Sandwich with Fried Chicken:

1 .Separately prepare your batter in two bowls.

2. Place the flour in a bowl and set it aside.

3. Greek yogurt, garlic, onion powder, salt, Italian herbs, and egg should all be thoroughly mixed together in a separate basin.

4. Your chicken thighs should marinate for at least an hour after being added to the herbed Greek yogurt mixture. If desired, marinate for up to overnight.

5. After marinating, take the chicken out of the marinade and drop it in the flour, making sure it is thoroughly covered. Dust off any excess flour.

6. Place the breaded chicken inside the air fryer’s basket after spritzing it with olive oil.

7. Spray some vegetable oil on the chicken’s top and bottom.

8. Cook for 20 minutes at 392 degrees F, turning them over after 15 minutes.

9. Once done, remove the air fryer’s lid and put the burgers inside buns that had been toasted for two minutes at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Prepare the sriracha mayo by combining the mayo and sriracha in a small bowl while the bread is toasting.

11. Pickles should be cut lengthwise.

12. Sliced pickles and sriracha mayo go well with fried sandwiches.




1. Prepare the batter in two separate bowls:

2. Place the white flour in a bowl and leave it aside.

3. In a bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, egg, garlic, onion powder, salt, and Italian herbs. Stir well to create a smooth cream.

4. Place the chicken thighs in the herb-infused Greek yogurt and egg mixture, and let them marinate for at least an hour—overnight is preferable.

5. After the chicken has marinated, take it out of the yogurt mixture and dredge it in the flour. Dust the extra flour lightly, ensuring sure everything is equally coated.

6. Spray the air fryer basket with olive oil spray before placing the breaded chicken thighs inside. Make sure each weakling thigh is evenly coated with olive oil by spraying it on both sides.

7. To guarantee consistent cooking, cook for 20 minutes at 392F/200 C, turning the food halfway through.

8. After the food is cooked, remove it from the air fryer and place it into the hamburger buns for two minutes at 392C/200.

9. Prepare the sriracha mayo in a small bowl by combining the mayonnaise and the sriracha sauce and stirring well while the bread is toasting.

10. Separate the pickles lengthwise.

11. Put some pickle slices and sriracha mayo on the plate.


Recipe Advice

With some handmade fried potato wedges or air-fried prepackaged fries, you can handle this wimpy sandwich.

Additionally, you can add things like lettuce, cheese, and onions.

To ensure flavor, this fried chicken is best made with chicken thighs, but feel free to use chicken breast if you want.




How long are sandwiches made with fried chicken good for?

Even while it’s best eaten immediately after preparation to maintain its crispiness, you can store any leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container if necessary. When you’re ready to consume fragments, put them in the air fryer to reheat them and give them a little more crunch for five minutes at 392F.


Can I use an air fryer for cooking raw chicken?

Yes, you may use your air fryer for cooking raw chicken. The only thing you need to remember is that the air fryer needs to be lubricated in order to help the chicken from sticking. The chicken will cook quickly and evenly in your air fryer, and it will be practically identical to what it would be if you were to grill or bake it.


In an air fryer, is Pam permissible?

No, you shouldn’t try to use Pam spray inside of your air fryer because doing so could violate the warranty and hasten the appliance’s demise. The simplest option is to lightly lubricate the basket before use by spraying or brushing olive oil over it.





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