Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog-Bestinfo 2022

Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog-Bestinfo 2022


HomeMakeups is a pancake-up, which is why many people decide to study it at university or take makeup assignments. The number of gifts women in the UAE are now making them. In this blsedatedwill share some beauty bloggers from UAE and tell you about them.


Then’s a list of the top makeup artists in Dubai. We have also included their Instagram account so you can see their work. I hope you enjoyed it.



1. Huda Kattan is the author of Huda Beauty. She’s a famed makeup artist, makeup vlogger, and skincare expert. She has50.3 million followers on Instagram and is a top beauty influencer. Her most notorious YouTube vids are her makeup tutorials which are veritably popular in the Middle East. Kattan is a Lebanese Canadian entrepreneur who’s known for her line of cosmetics, faulty switches, and beauty tools.


2. Najla Gun is the Australian blogger behind the Instagram account@najlagu and the founder of the Najla is an experienced makeup artist that develops makeup tutorials and is great beauty and fashion blogger and social media influencer. She has over 86K Instagram followers, earning a strong following for her stunning makeup looks, fantastic hair tutorials, and skincare routines. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post, and more.



3. Tezzy stone-tutored makeup artist and stylist who has been creating life-changing makeup looks at times. Her passion for makeup started when she was in the high academy, and she liked playing with her MMA powders and eye murk. She enjoyed the process and the result but did not indicate how to do it. Over time, she has studied how to do makeup and create many aesthetics of her own.


She knows a lot about makeup and is always looking for new effects to learn. By the time she entered the high academy, she had developed a passion for fashion and styling. She was hionlogs and became quite the fashionista. At that time, she also learned the basics of hair styling and would produce different hairstyles for herself.


 4 . Diana Chipar may be a successful makeup artist and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, CA. She has been working within the beauty industry for over ten years. Her makeup looks are featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan, and she was the celebrity makeup artist for the 2009 Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants.Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog.


5. Beauty Blogger Missmulberry is a blogger that focuses on all beauty-related effects. The blog is run by a blogger name” Miss Mulberry.” She’s a beauty adviser and has a severe preoccupation with cosmetics. Her blog has reviews on everything from cosmetics to skincare. Her blog also tips on how to apply makeup and how to make up daily. She also provides information on how to get the most out of your products.


6. Befrenshee is a French Youtuber grounded in Dubai who loves to talk about beauty and life. She shares her passion for beauty with her observers and creates easy step-by-step tutorials and reviews. She loves to trial the aththetistry of new products, so she has chosen to produce a channel where she shares with her observers all the recent beauty trends and all the products she has tried.


She’s relatively open when talking about her life, making her more interesting to watch. She’s also a veritably probative, as she consistently participates in collaborations, which means she’ll get free products in exchange for a review or a videotape.


Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai Instagram


1. Meet Joelle Mardinian, a Dubai- grounded model, blogger, and influencer with a large following on social media. Sardinian frequently posts about fashion and beauty on her Instagram account, which has further than19.4 million followers. Slattery posted a print of herself in a white jumpsuit with a caption about the different ways to wear such an outfit. The model and blogger also lately posted about her recent trip to Dubai Fashion Week and an original. Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog



2. Annabella Hilal( born October 4, 1993) is a Fashion, Beauty, intelligencers, Design, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty blogger in the United Arab Emirates. She’s beautiful, gorgeous, famous, successful, babe, fashionable, trendy, sharp, viral, girl, fashion, blogger, and her Instagram followers are 3.5M. She’s also notorious for her beauty, style, and life. Annabella Hilal is a Lebanese- born, British- lifted standard and blogger. She’s the son of a Lebanese father and a Swedish MMA.



3. Nouhaila Barbie is a famous choice blogger in the United Arab Emirates. She’s also well known as Nouhaila. She has the most popular on Instagram in the world. Her Instagram name is Nouhaila. She’s a beautiful model from the United Arab Emirates. She has millions of followers on her Instagram. She has 3.2 Million followers on Instagram. She lives in Dubai. She’s an outstanding makeup artist.


4. Mirza M Ramzi, also understood as Mr. M, is a style blogger and Instagram feeling of Dubai. She’s a famous Emirati fashion blogger and Instagram sensation with over .7 m followers. She posts regularly on her Instagram account@mrmr and can also be followed on her

Her blog has many motifs, from fashion, beauty, and life to travel, food, and an advice column. Her blog also features a small section called Mirzas Corner, a platform for her to reach out to her compendiums and offer them advice. Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog


5. Mariam HuHussein is a social media star, blogger, and notorious personality, who’s famous for being infamous. Mariam has an Instagram account that has over2.3 a million followers. Further, more than 500K people are following her on Facebook, and further than 900K are following her on Twitter. Mariam is a professional blogger and a freelance pen; she has a website which is relatively notorious.



Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai Job


1. Makeup artists’ places in Dubai. Search for Makeup artist jobs in Dubai with company conditions & hires. 2 open employment for Makeup artists and in Dubai. Rated among the stylish makeup artists in Dubai, we can offer you the expertise you’ve been looking for. She has worked with some of the top models in Dubai, the stylish and the brightest in Dubai) We’re the Middle East’s prelude g over 600 leading cross the region.

We represent 300 brands, including global luxury and original high-end fashion brands. We offer our guests stylish service and selection in fashion, beauty, gifts, and home décor. We’re looking for top talent to join us on this trip to explore new midair.


2. AL KHAYYAT INVESTMENTS- A company that’s specialized, at the moment, in importing and trade of different kinds of products and foodstuffs in addition to being one of the largest importers and distributors of medicine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was demonstrated in 1986 by a group of Saudi Investors who are active in trading, investment, and artificial conditioning.



3. Essil or Luxottica is a leading universal eye care company. We develop, produce and distribute innovative eyewear products, services, and results that make a difference in people’s lives worldwide. In 2016, we generated earnings of roughly€ 20 billion and employed roughly 000 people.

We vend our products in over 120 countries through essential optic chains, independent opticians, and retail stores. We’re a world leader in optic and sunglasses diligence, and our products are vented under several strong and honored brands, including ours.



Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai Facebook


1. I’m a professional makeup artist specializing in marriages, fashion, & magazine studies. I’m more focused on the natural look and high-end matrimonial beauty. I have been a freelance artist for five years, working with multitudinous married, fashion, and print media publications. Find me at a hair show or hostel, exchange near you or schedule a glam session with me at my private plant. I’m located in Dubai, UAE.Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog



2. Raashii Khanna is an artist and a babe blogger in Dubai calling. I got the opinion of a beautiful life from my father. I’m from the new generation of fibbers, those who live in an ever-connected world where we’re all pens and publishers, landing the good, the bad, and the unattractive of our lives, spinning them into stories for the earth to read. Whether it’s the story of your life or my life, it’s all applicable and essential. It’s our life, our story, and it’s over to us to write a beautiful bone



Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai 2022

Beauty is a crucial aspect of any person’s life. How you enjoy looking can make or break your business or social life. It’s normal to like still look your best. However, you can visit makeup artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai, If you need makeup advice. The Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai 2021 is the ideal blog for anyone looking to get a new look or learn further about beauty. In this blog, we’ve collected a list of stylish beauty bloggers in Dubai and added their Instagram IDs.



1. Alintzaa(55.4 K followers)

2.touchoffarah(7.8 K followers)

3. Lorenzana( 140K followers)

4.battle.the functionary( 162K followers)

5. Jelena Markovic,( 135K followers)

6. mayday.Hisham( 463K followers)

7. rimshaasiddiqi(5.6 K followers)

8. mahaalmarush( 245K followers)



Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai 2022

Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai. Top 5 Stylish Makeup Blogs in the World.


1. Makeup And Beauty Blog. Com is a beauty blog created by a beauty addict who loves to partake in her daily makeup routine with everyone. The blog is about makeup and beauty, where you can get makeup reviews and tips, tutorials, tapes, and filmland regularly. You’ll find reviews on makeup and beauty products, tips and tricks on applying makeup, tutorials and videos, and tips and tricks on how to watch for your skin. The blog is the perfect place for makeup suckers and beauty suckers, likewise.


2. Jane Iredale is a mineral makeup trademark that offers a range of products to improve your natural beauty. The business was innovated by Jane Iredale, a professional makeup artist and anti-aging expert. The Jane Iredale brand was developed to meet the requirements of women who want to look and feel their most beautiful using pure mineral makeup, skincare, and bronzer products.

Jane Iredale offers a wide range of makeup products formulated using pure mineral makeup that’snon-comedogenic,non-irritating, and hypoallergenic. The corporation also proposes a line of skincare products to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful complexion. The Jane Iredale makeup and skincare products are functional from a network of official retailers and online at



3. I’m a makeup addict! I love makeup! I’m constantly searching for stylish products, agile methods, and clever makeup tips. That’s why I started Ree, a blog devoted to participating in my passion for makeup and the rearmost makeup launches! I’m the author of Really Ree Beauty Tips Guide, the most comprehensive ebook available moment devoted to makeup tips. I wrote this ebook to partake in the makeup tips that have taken me time to perfect.


4. Ruth Crilly is a beauty and fashion pen. She writes about beauty, fashion, makeup, and life motifs. She’s a beauty and fashion expert who has worked for publications similar to Vogue, the Daily Telegraph, and Elle. She regularly writes for the Guardian and her blog called Ruth Crilly beauty.


5. Wendy Rowe is a makeup artist and beauty expert with a creative vision that has defined her career as one of the most sought-after bents in the beauty assiduity. A broadly reputed assiduity expert and invention leader, Wendy has worked closely with beauty brands to design and recreate their DNA.

In addition to her experience as a makeup artist, Wendy has a wealth of experience as a TV presenter, pen, and global prophet. She leads an in-demand career that has taken her to over 50 countries worldwide, uniting with celebrities, beauty brands, hospices, resorts, and major TV networks.



Make-up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai blog-Bestinfo 2022


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