Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home

Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home-Bestinfo 2022

Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home-Bestinfo 2022



Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home products are a deals blog that enriches our trip recollections with childlike cultural products and offers home goods and products that our children will love thanks to ornamental art prints.



1. Who’s the author of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?

2. Why is Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home thus popular?

3.What are the products of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?

4.Interview with the Petit Elefant Style trip Beauty and Home Author


5.Who’s the author of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?


The author of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home is Genevieve Santos. Genevieve Santos, a small stationery proprietor, innovated Le Petit Elefant in 2009. In this way, she’d be suitable to express her inner world with a cultural workshop inspired by her imagination and present her cultural products to the whole world. Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home 

The most important species of Genevieve Santos is that she loves to travel and reflects the cultural fests she gained during her peregrination in her products. Genevieve Santos, who tripped to 31 countries by the age of 30 and conducted in-depth cultural exploration, collected cultural accouterments and stories in the countries she visited to exercise her art.



Why is Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home so famous?

She integrated her knowledge with her art and started doing what she loved. Before launching Le Petit Elefant, she was professed in illustrating children’s books. In particular, she was the illustrator of the Daisy Dreamer children’s book series, and she was relatively talented at it. She developed Petit Elefant’s bents through her peregrination and created new workshops and products by combining them with his imagination.

Genevieve Santos supports the imagination and creativity of children and has managed to remain a child, design new cultural tests for children, and transforms them into products. Developing and imaging new generalities and delineations, Preparing prototypes or products for the developed generalities, Open to discovery, literacy, and development, Creating different products in the global design, social entrepreneurship, cultural product ecosystem, Child- acquainted delineations, and products, and having a different perspective are the most important bones




What are the products of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?

When you join the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can first find Art Prints products. Prices for Art Prints products start from$ 8 and go up to$ 65. Before you buy Art Prints products, you can have detailed information about the confines, textured paper, 8-16 color professional printer, digital oil, gouache, essay illustration, and package specialties.

When you join the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can find products about Greeting Cards in the alternate row. Cards are A2 size4.25 ” x5.5 ” and published locally in California on 100 recycled natural white covers. All cards come with matching envelopes. Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home

Greeting Cards, on the other hand, are distributed under the headlines Birthday, every day, love & fellowship, Filipino, vacation, baby, thank you, marriage & anniversary, sympathy, congrats, and mama/father.

Prices for Greeting Cards products start from3.5 bones and go up to 35 bones. When you join the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can discover products about Home Goods in the third row. You can find pottery and Drinkware products in home goods products. As for products, you can find art numbers, flower vases, demitasse vases, mugs, and glass products. We recommend that you check the stock status, as Home Goods products are generally consumed briskly.


When you penetrate the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you’ll reach Enamel Legs products in the fourth row. The confines of Enamel Legs products are generally1.25 elevations, wide and grandly, and the black essence plate is reused in cultural products. Products are reused with a rubber clutch. Prices are generally around 4- 5 bones. Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home


Its purpose and features are to embellish your letters, scrapbooks, and cards with these vinyl stickers. You can indeed put them on your auto, laptop, and dishware as the stickers are waterproof (repel heat and water) and have a UV coating to cover them from fading in the sun’s shafts.

When you join the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can see Original Art products in the fifth row. Original Art products, on the other hand, correspond to real oils and ceramic products. However, you should surely check out Original trades, If you want original Watercolor and essay illustrations on cold-pressed bends rather than digital oil. We recommend that you check the stock status of the products then.

When you join the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can realize Holiday products in the sixth row. However, you can get a collection that includes beautifiers, and chatting cards, If you want to shoot a wanted card to someone during the vacation period. You can get New Year’s Wishes, Christmas Card, Holiday Card, Present Card, and beautifiers

When you enter the Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home blog, you can see office Accessories products in seventh and last place. Office Accessories products include all cultural products for your requirements in the BTS/ KPOP, WASHI Tape recording, BOLO TIES, RUBBER prints, beautifiers, TOTE BAGS, BOOKS BOOKMARKS, BUTTONS Attractions, ART numbers orders.


Interview with the Petit Elefant Style trip Beauty and Home Author

  • Illustrator and developer Genvieve Santos can’t feel to settle down in one place. She draws alleviation from each across the world, carrying KPop bands, cartoon characters, and foods that remind you of your native land. Genevieve has traveled the world in hunt of tales and accouterments to include in her artwork. Each item has a backstory that may be indicated.


  • I adore mammoths and the book “ The Little Prince, ” or “ Le Petit Prince ” in French, so I associated the two into a song called “ Le Petit Elefant. ” I’m nervous that I spelled “ Elefant ” inaptly. It was done on purpose to indicate that despite the fact that the firm name and my name are both French, I’m not of French descent and don’t know the language.


  • Genevieve is a migrant junkie and an illustrator who can’t stay in one area for further than six weeks. Since she could flashback, she has been drawing. She constantly records her favorite cartoons on VHS tape recording and studies each frame-by-frame. She was now, in all liability, the worst 5- time-old to watch cartoons with.


  • In order to pursue her passion for getting lost in the world and creating art, she innovated her own company, Le Petit Elefant, in 2009. Genevieve has traveled the globe in hunt of tales and other effects to include in her artwork. The artwork she creates is a nonstop conflation and blending of her own life gests, connections, passages, and her hot ice cream adoration.



  • Nearly all of Genevieve’s company operations are handled by her, including designing, drawing, publishing, scoring, and quilting. She makes her own latitude fabric cuts and hand-sews the plush. Although active, it’s done out of love. Since she travels so constantly, she doesn’t have a single plant, but she has discovered styles to make her business movable so that she can take it along on passages, particularly when she visited 30 countries before turning 30. There’s constantly an intriguing narrative to tell about each piece.


  • In addition to being the proprietor of small stationery, business called Le Petit Elefant, Genevieve Santos is an illustrator who was born, bred, and presently resides in San Jose, California. Before reaching thirty, she visited 31 nations, sometimes touring, sometimes traveling by trailer, van, sometimes on her alone, but no way without a sketchbook. She developed an early passion for vitality, which inspires her to capture indeed the lowest details in her delineations. She’s also a complete wimp for ice cream.



The sportful illustrations, use of colors and patterns, and capricious style of Le Petit Elefant make this a perfect toy for any sprat. It’s a great gift idea, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. The toy is made with a variety of accouterments, including wood, felt, and fabric. The product is made in France, which means that it’s fully and comes with a guarantee of quality. Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home

Le Petit Elefant by Genevieve Santos specializes in toys, involving the Le Petit Elefant collection. The packaging is the preferred thing that catches your eye. It’s unique, various, and a little bit on the grandiose side. Still, once you pick up the product, you’ll feel happy. The package is easy and with a high-quality sense. It’s a good precursor to the quality of the toy. The packaging isn’t the only thing that’s well-designed. The toy is made with a a marker feel as well. The toy is sturdy and safe. It’s perfect for children to play with and learn from. The toy is also made with a soft sense to make it more child-friendly.


When it comes to scenery, utmost people aren’t concerned with what a toy looks like. When it comes to toys, the most important thing is that they’re delightful and intractable for your child. Le Petit Elefant is a toy company that creates toys that are made out of sustainable accouterments and are a festivity of the world for children.


The company produces toys that are internationally honored for their unique designs. One of their most prevalent toys is the petit Elefant. There are numerous different variations of the petit Elefant, each with a different style. You can buy a petit elephant that has a small wallet, a petit elephant that has a large wallet, or a petit elephant that has a mask. One of the numerous different styles of the petit Elefant is the petit elegant style of trip. The petit elegant pigsty of le trip has a key, a book bag, a passport holder, and a



Mammoths have always been a popular toy, but in the once many times, they have come a symbol of style and complication. There’s no better way to show your love for these regal brutes than with this sportful and sophisticated little giant. Le Petit Elefant is a sweet- faced, capricious toy with a personality to match. This toy is sure to entertain you and your little bone, and it’s durable and suitably to travel with you on all your adventures. The Elefant is designed to be a stress-free companion for your little bone. It’s also a complete gift for any special occasion. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or your little bone, this is the toy that will noway fail.



About Le Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and the Home


Genevieve Santos is the author of Le Petit Elefant, a small shop in New York City that sells stationery, art, and colorful other particulars. Genevieve has spent the last many times traveling the world and collecting stories from her adventures. She has a deep appreciation for global culture and life. As a trip blogger, Genevieve is passionate about beauty and home. She believes traveling is about further than just the destination. It’s about the people, the culture, and the experience. Genevieve is then to partake in her style trip tips and make the baby way to help you get there.



It all started with her first trip to Istanbul in 2009. She had just graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and was specified to make her way to Istanbul. With a pack of many bags of clothes, many pieces of art inventories, and a$ 600 round-trip ticket, she set up herself sitting on a machine, where she sat and heeded to music, drew, and wrote in a journal. But as soon as she stepped off the machine, she saw a commodity that would change her life ever.Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home



Genevieve Santos was born with a sweetheart for trips. In 2009, she started a little stationery shop in Brooklyn, NY called Le Petit Elefant. Genevieve’s wanderlust has taken her all over the world, to 31 countries and counting, visiting over 76 metropolises. And, though the store is still little, it has increased immensely since opening. Genevieve has been designing her line of stationery over five times, and her work is now available in select stores in NYC and LA, as well as on her website. Along with producing her line, she has also curated a series of trip-inspired products that a rubberneck can take with them anywhere, which includes beauty products and home scenery.





Petit Elefant Style Travel and Home Price in BD

1. still, a Gift card is a great option, If you aren’t sure what to get someone, but you want to give them a gift. Gift cards are transferred by dispatch and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. They’re useful because they allow the person to buy exactly what they want and to spend their plutocrat on effects they would have spent plutocrat on anyway. Gift cards can be a great way to give a gift without the philanthropist having to ask for it.


Le Petit Elefant is a gift card with a discrepancy. It’s the only gift card that has been specifically designed to be transferred to a person. That is because philanthropist can redeem it for anything they want. It’s a gift card with no strings attached and no gratuitous charges. In case, if you’re transferring a gift card to a friend, or taking them to an eatery, you won’t be charged for the mess. Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home



Still, a gift card might be a great option, If you’re looking for the perfect gift but don’t know what to get. Protect your loved ones And musketeers online and choose from a huge selection of gift cards for stores like Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, and more. You can indeed shoot a gift card from style trip by dispatch, so your supporter has the option to expend it at the moment or save it for the coming time.

Content 1


BD Price885.48-3541.94



2.This vase is hand wrought in San Jose, CA. Outside and outdoors are glazed. The vase is roughly3.5″ x4.5″ and is3.5″ altitudinous.

San Jose says;

I’m proud to say that these vases are made hypocritically by hand by me in my factory in San Jose, CA. I love them because they’re so easy to make and the glaze is enough easy to do too. The stripes are commodities that I could noway find anywhere differently. I’m so happy with them. These vases are ideal for a small agreement of flowers or little succulents.

Content 1


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3.Style Travel made this ceramic farmer take care of your shops, and make them happy. This farmer is a great addition to any kitchen, yard, or theater. It’s a beautiful choice for your home or office.


This ceramic farmer has a drainage hole for shops. It has a round tail and a squared top. It’s glazed outside and outdoors. It’s4.5″ x3.5″ and is aimed at holding a small factory. Petit Elefant Style Travel, Beauty and Home This ceramic farmer is a beautiful piece to put in your office or give as a gift. Perfect for an office or tabletop. This is the perfect spot for your factory. It makes saddening your factory easy and stress-free.

Content 1


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4.The Jumping Elephant Enamel Leg can be used as an ornamental item to make a statement.

At Style Travel, we produce stylish fashion accessories for special occasions. We offer unique, , and affordable fashion accessories, from our hand giant enamel legs to our fascinating hand-sutured needle cases. These legs are1.25″ x 1″ in length and come in a set of 3. They’re made of a high polished rose gold plating that has an enameled, rubber clutch. This clutch is designed to be powerful and satisfying on the hands.


The great thing about the enamel legs from style trip is that they ’re great for everyone. These legs are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your musketeers and family. Not only are they lovable and small, but these legs are also durable. The rubber clutch is designed to hold the legs in place. These legs will also stay in place on your bag or apparel for a long time. The leg is made of a high polished rose gold plating and the enamel is soft. These legs are the perfect size for your bag or apparel.

This custom- made enamel leg can be a great gift for anyone who loves mammoths. The giant is jumping, with a pink and white tusk, in a cactus- suchlike geography. This little giant leg is a fun and stylistic way to show your love for mammoths.Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home 

Content 1


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5.This illustration is of the Boba Battle on the frontal cover of the style trip. The illustration is made up of a delineation of a person on a skateboard. The person is holding a skateboard that has the style trip totem on it. The person is wearing a plaid shirt with a suit jacket. The shirt has a tie and the jacket is unbuttoned. The person is wearing films and a chapeau. The person has sunglasses and a stability sign. The background is a gouache and an essay illustration of a megacity.



This is a piece of original artwork by Boba Battle. This is a 7″ x 11″ gouache and essay illustration on cold-pressed bends.



Boba Battle is a new game that’s sweeping the nation. It’s a fun, family-friendly game that combines the two effects we all love art and games. I love that Boba Battle is each about creativity. It’s not just a game. It’s a way to get kiddies to express themselves creatively and get exercise in the process.

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Petit Elefant Style luxurious Travel Beauty and Home Price In Bangladesh


1. BTS Adulation Mug is a 10 oz. Mug that’s both swish and comfortable. The mug is made from essence, and a pristine sword, and it’s hand marshland only, NOT microwave oven safe. Due to the rustic nature of camp mugs, you may see small defects similar to dents, bubbles, etc.


The BTS Adulation Mug is a must-have for your favorite drink in the BTS season. This mug is perfect for belting your favorite drink while you watch your favorite BTS videos or read some of your favorite BTS papers. This 10 oz. The mug features the BTS’s iconic totem on the front and is a must-have for any BTS addict. Please note Microwaving isn’t recommended for this product.



This BTS Adulation Mug is a great coffee, tea, or hot cocoa mug. It’s made of the essence and a pristine sword and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a variety of colors. A classic, cozy mug for belting your favorite drink, while humming” adulation” by BTS.

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2. Boba Baby Yoda Vinyl Sticker

The Boba Baby Yoda Vinyl Sticker comes in 4 different colors that you can choose from and you can use it as a sticker, a casting design, a card, and more!


These vinyl stickers are the perfect accessory for any of your four-wheeled jaunts. They’re a great way to give your bike, stroller, or any other vehicle a substantiated look. They’re also a great way to make your spot at the playground a little bit more particular. They’re published on white vinyl with a matte finish and will measure roughly 3 elevation high. They also come with a UV coating to cover them from fading in the sun’s shafts.


These vinyl stickers are perfect for your auto window or anywhere differently, you want to add a little Boba Baby Yoda to your life. They’re also waterproof and UV carpeted, so they will not fade in the sun.

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3. This s card is perfect for a birthday or thank you note. It’s an inside card with enough blue envelope. The card is blank outside, so you can write your communication. A2 folded card size meets the standard of numerous printers’ Praia

A unique birthday card featuring an incredibly fascinating pall design with a gash drop at the bottom with a birthday sentiment of” Happy Birthday”. It’s a birthday card that comes in a blue envelope and is blank outside.


These cards are great to give as a gift or to shoot to someone special.

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4.The menu is a beautiful design. It has a blue envelope and comes with a menu. It’s blank outside and has a4-1/4″ x5-1/2″ size.

This I Love You Baby Greeting Card is a complete way to say” I love you” to your squeeze. It’s a beautiful, deep blue that will make your loved one sense loved and appreciated.


From the product explanation” For the somebody you love, this card is immaculate for a gift or a special communication for your loved ones.

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5. The style of the card is A2, which measures4-1/4″ x5-1/2″. The menu is blank outside, and the envelope is included.


Celebrate your marriage day with a fun-filled marriage card. These cards are confirmed to make your guests smile.

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Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home-Bestinfo 2022







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