Sweet Potato Pie Bars Recipe For Your Holiday Feasts






SWEET POTATO PIE BARS RECIPE FOR YOUR HOLIDAY FEASTS. Serve numerous slices with this one pie, and enjoy all your favorite flavors in every bite. 


 These sweet potato bars are a succulent graham cracker crust beneath a manual sweet potato stuffing and also outgunned with heated marshmallows for the ultimate fruity sweet beating. You’re going to love making this easy pie form nearly as crucial as you’re going to enjoy eating it. 


 What Are Pie Bars? 

They’re a simple and easy way of turning a traditional pie into an ultramodern result. How often do you try to slice a round pie to end up with small slices? Making this sweet potato pie bars form means making a flat forecourt( or blockish) pie with about 24 servings! Way further than one pie and way more accessible for slicing and serving. SWEET POTATO PIE BARS RECIPE FOR YOUR HOLIDAY FEASTS

 constituents :

 • Graham Cracker Crumbs 

 • Granulated White Sugar 

• Unsalted Adulation 

 • Cooked Mashed Sweet Potato 

 • Brown Sugar 

 • Large Eggs 



Boxed Vanilla Pudding :

 • Candied Condensed Milk 

 • Vanilla Extract 

• Cinnamon 

 • Pumpkin Pie Spice 

 • Marshmallow Fluff 

 Please see the form card below for the exact measures, and quantities demanded. 


How to Make Sweet Potato Pie Bars ?


 1.Graham Cracker Crust 

2. Preheat your roaster to 350 degrees. Grease the bottom and sides of a 9 × 13 baking dish with nonstick cuisine spray. 

3. Take a piece of diploma paper and produce a “sling” inside of the visage. This means it covers the bottom and goes up the sides so that the form can lift the case out. Set away the visage. 

4.In a medium-sized mixing coliseum, combine all of the crust constituents and mix until the motes have been well carpeted and can stick together when pressed. 

5. Pour the graham motes into your set baking dish and press the specks down into a nice subcaste using your clean hands or a baking spatula. Make sure to press everything together tightly. 

6. Singe in your preheated roaster for 15 twinkles. 



Sweet Potato Filling 

 While the crust is incinerating in the roaster, prepare the stuffing in a large mixing bowl. However, cook and mash your sweet potatoes, If you haven’t formerly. 


1. Add your mashed sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and admiration to a giant mixing coliseum and mix until smooth. About 2- 3 twinkles with an electric mixer. Get rid of as numerous gobbets of potato as you can. 

2. Add in the eggs, one at a time, while mixing on medium speed until well combined. 

3. Turn the mixer to low speed and add the vanilla pudding dry blend( do not prepare the pudding blend, we only want the grease paint). 

4. Add the condensed candied milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Turn the mixer up to medium-high speed and mix for three twinkles. 

5. Pour the set stuffing into the baked crust and singe for 40- 45 twinkles or until the top of the potato pie is a nice golden brown. 


6. Add another subcaste of agreeableness when the pie has finished incinerating by beating it with marshmallow fluff. 

7. Turn your roaster to melee and place the marshmallow-outgunned pie back into the roaster on the middle rack. Melee for two twinkles( at most) while keeping a close eye on the pie. The marshmallow can go from heated to burnt presto, and you may not need two twinkles to make it look great. 

8. Cover the pie and allow it to cool to room temperature for at least 1 hour to help the filling set. 

9. Once the pie has cooled thoroughly, gently lift the pastry out of the visage by pulling out the diploma paper 

10. Slice into 18- 24 places with a sharp cutter. 



Form Tips 

 • If using whole graham crackers, just pulse in a food processor or high-speed blender until you get a harmonious scruple texture. 

• If using fresh raw sweet potatoes, you’ll need two medium-large sweet potatoes. Peel and hash into gobbets, and boil in water until they come chopstick tender. Drain water and crush. 

 • wash the cutter with hot water between each cut to keep marshmallows from sticking to everything. 




 • Sweet potatoes. If you don’t have sweet potatoes, you can use yams. Cook and prepare the same way, or use drained yams from the can if you try to remove as important redundant humidity as possible before using. 

 • Marshmallows. The marshmallow fluff is veritably sticky and can be a pain to work with. However, use large marshmallows, If you want a more specific component to work with. Just cut them in half and line them in a single subcaste on top of the baked pie filling with the abbreviated side facing down. 




How Long Is Sweet Potato Pie Good For? 

 These pie bars can last up to 5 days if stored in a watertight vessel in the fridge. This should give you ample time to enjoy them while they’re fresh. 


 What Does Sweet Potato Pie Taste Like? 

This pie tastes analogous to a pumpkin pie but is a little cottony. They’re both orange pies and seasoned with equivalent flavors, but sweet potato pie is a much more popular cate

 in the south and frequently seen outgunned with marshmallows, whereas a pumpkin pie is outgunned with whipped cream. 


 Do You Eat Sweet Potato Pie Warm or Cold? 

 This pie is stylishly served cold or when at room temperature. Doing it when it’s still hot and fresh from the roaster( while tempting) can be a bit of a mess as the stuffing has yet to have time to set completely. Still, also you’re going to love these sweet potato pets! 

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